Why UsaWebInvestments?

USA Web Investments – Our Quality Stands Out From the Crowd

1370928442_tick_64 The sites are created in WordPress. WordPress is one of the most desirable formats that Search Engines love. Additionally, there is a lot of documentation, help and videos available for WordPress.
1370928442_tick_64You Get a “WOW” investment quality domain name (… and always a .com too!) These are “A grade” .com investment quality domain names.
1370928442_tick_64Every site is a professional looking, unique custom site. Your niche keywords are category driven and part of the niche web site navigation.
1370928442_tick_64Built-in web tools have been configured to automatically bring in more new content and more new videos on a regular basis so you get people checking back often.
1370928442_tick_64“WOW”! These are great-looking and useful sites that earn links “organically” from web users and visitors.
1370928442_tick_64Sites are set up for you to automatically build your email list and they also have a means to send email to your own niche email list.
1370928442_tick_64Hosted on affordable high-powered servers so you don’t have to move the sites or worry about any of that.
1370928442_tick_64“WOW”! Sites are already monetized or can be monetized in ALL of these ways for you to earn extra income:    * (denotes that it is already set-up for you)

* – Google Adsense

* – Amazon Affiliate product sales (Or Add Your Own Products)

* – Clickbank Product ID links

  – Find niche specific companies to promote on your site for even higher ad revenue

* – Reseller of USAWebInvestment sites – Earn $100 per site (coming soon)

1370928442_tick_64Sites are already device responsive and mobile-ready!

1370928442_tick_64“WOW!” Site has search engine ranking positions when you take over the site.

1370928442_tick_64Everything is done for you. The site is ready to go when you take over.

1370928442_tick_64You will be given documentation that will tell you how to hook up your account details to direct all ad revenue to you.

1370928442_tick_64Click here to see our inventory list of USA web investments of available websites and/or investment grade .coms