Our Promise

USA Web Investment Sites Will Have These Characteristics

1370928442_tick_64 You will have an awesome looking Word Press web site in a great niche
1370928442_tick_64Your site will be 100% fully functional and hosted live
1370928442_tick_64The site will be a custom site that will have new, related and relevant content and videos that will automatically update with the latest  related content on the site. Your site will have a great deal of useful relevant content for it’s specific niche

1370928442_tick_64You will have a “WOW” domain name. This will be something good for search engines and have user remember-ability and always be a popular and preferred .com domain. (Many times the domain name itself will be an “aged” .com domain and that alone is worth more than the initial investment.)

1370928442_tick_64We will give you documentation that will tell you some of the things that you can do to further build and promote your niche business. You will have many ways to monetize your site and grow your business

1370928442_tick_64If you provide us with your Clickbank ID, Your Amazon Affiliate Code and your Adsense code we can update your site with the correct information that will send all payments and commissions directly into your accounts
1370928442_tick_64You will have the ability to add your own additional original content that you can write and produce for the site. Or alternatively, you can have new content created using a third party or pay us to create and add more original content and videos to your site for you
1370928442_tick_64You will not have to worry about moving or relocating your site unless you want to
1370928442_tick_64Your site will be ready to use when we give it to you. You will be able to change, add or adjust the site with whatever content, colors and theme changes you want, whenever you want 24 hrs a day 7 days a week, it is up to you.
1370928442_tick_64When we transfer the domain name and hand the site over to you, it will be 100% officially complete