What’s in a Name? A Domain Name to Be More Precise…


What is in a name? What’s in a “domain” name to be more precise?

Well, a name can mean a lot. Take for example some products that may sell for peanuts … they can then be priced through the roof if there is an attached brand name to the product that is both recognizable and viewed and perceived as a quality or desirable item based on the name alone.

Website domain names are the naming substructure of the internet to find and locate specific websites. URL’s or uniform resource locator is the process by which a domain name is located on the internet. But let’s get back to what’s in a name… What is important about a name? Well, it gives your business identity for the viewers, visitors, and users that become familiar with and your website and/or business. Some names can identify the type of business by calling it exactly what it is for example: “Johns business directory” etc. Other names can have important keywords that people may be searching for in the search engines like: “phone number listings” etc.. While other names can be something more esoteric like yahoo.com that had no meaning at all until it was established by a company with effective marketing and branding etc.

So what’s in a name? Well, in a nutshell, everything! With a name, you establish a brand and identify with your industry and our current culture. A name is something that sticks with you over time, so make it a good one that is a keeper! A name that is short and catchy and something that helps to identify you with your business industry and maybe even has a keyword in it for easier search engine ranking and identification are all good suggestions. Next, you will want a great extension. An extension is the part of the domain name that follows the name after a period, like .com, .net .biz etc. Now here is where it gets tricky. There are hundreds of extensions now. There are country extensions like .ca for Canada and .info for well, the information I guess. The thing is this… when picking a domain name you would be well advised to select a .com domain name for several very important and solid reasons. First, when you are advertising and promoting your domain name you want people to remember it and identify with is as easily and as quickly as possible. Now, .com’s came into being first and are the most widely recognized and most respected extensions that you can have. All the other extensions (tld’s – top level domains) that came around later were a result of registrars like Enom and GoDaddy and many others that wanted to just sell more domain names. Research shows that people will remember a domain name at least 200% – 300% faster and easier with a .com extension. In some ways, peoples mind expect to see a .com rather than some other extension like .phone or .construction – really, is that a necessary? Why would you want your visitors to have to type in so many extra letters to get to your site?

Aside from the reasons mentioned here already, I am going to share with you another little secret that you may not know and provide some knowingness that only comes from a lot of years of internet experience. That is, other extensions like .info and .bike, .photo etc (and even other extensions that have been around for many years now) will never rank on the search engines as easily or as high as the .coms will rank. Search engines like Google will not tell you this, but experience and testing and a lot of time and work will prove this to you. Therefore, when getting a domain name always stick to the .com’s and get something pronounceable, memorable and/or maybe with a keyword in it. Your life will be easier and your internet business will flourish faster and better too.