Is Website Investing the Next Big Thing?

If you do a Google search for investments, you’ll likely find a lot of advice about investing in the stock market, real estate, or collectible items, but one thing you won’t find a lot of information about is website investing.

That’s because website investing is a relatively new phenomenon.

What is it exactly, and how can you make money from investing in websites? Follow along as we begin this 3-part article that talks about the investment opportunity in detail.

What is Website Investing?

Everyone understands that a great website can make its owner a lot of money, but that’s where the common knowledge ends. There is a misconception that all of the good URLs are taken, and today, it’s impossible to get a good .com website to earn money from it.

But that’s just not true.

Here’s the deal: many great website names are taken, but are sitting unused. Why would someone sit on a website URL and not use it? It could be because they don’t have the time or money to develop it, or they may have had ambitions to do that before, but their interest has waned.

Or in some cases, they may have forgotten that they bought it.

In any case, don’t let anyone tell you that good URLs are impossible to find because they’re not.

And we have thousands of them.

Buying a Great URL Isn’t Enough

Once you’ve found the perfect URL, you may be tempted to sit back and think you’ve hit gold. But having a great URL isn’t enough if you want to truly earn passive income from it. You will need to do some keyword research to determine what people are looking for in that niche, write some articles to get Google to notice your website, create videos to stream from your site, and then set up residual income streams for the site such as Google AdWords and affiliates.

Or, you could just let us do all of that for you.

You Need an Expert

We have not only aged our URLs for a year, meaning that Google is already familiar with them and gives them ranking in the search engine results, but we understand what makes a successful website tick.

Our experts will do the keyword research for you, procure the best articles that will make the search engine spiders sit up and take notice, and then help you create passive income streams from your new website.

Why Website Investing is Better Than Real Estate

Real estate investing is often considered the golden egg as far as residual income. But here’s the truth: being a landlord is work. You have to find and screen tenants, handle problems as they come up, collect your rental checks every month, and tend to the maintenance on the home.

Not exactly passive, is it?

But website investing is truly passive income, especially if you allow us to tend to the details for you. Sure, you could write a steady stream of articles and post them yourself, or you allow our experts to do it for you. And keyword research? We have years of experience that we will put to use on your website.

Why not take advantage of our expertise and get in on the lucrative website investing market as it’s emerging. A few years from now, people will lament the fact that they didn’t get in on this market in the beginning.

And while you’re comforting them, you could be earning passive income from the site you set up today.