How to Make Website Investing a Reality

Have you heard about all the savvy investors who are buying .com domain names and creating money making websites? They have the procedure down to a science. But here’s the thing: website investing isn’t that difficult. But it does take know-how and a plan to turn a domain name into an income producing website.

Here the three part process.

Find the Right Domain Name

Domain names matter. Despite all the hype you hear about domain names with alternative extensions, the truth is, if you want to build an income producing website, you need to focus on .com names. Why? Because it’s what consumers know and they prefer to use them.

It’s that simple.

Here’s an illustration to prove it. Imagine that your website was called You spoke to a potential customer one day and they expressed an interest in buying a computer from you. But when they went to find your website, they didn’t remember that it had an unusual extension (.biz), so they typed in what they’re familiar with:

And that website got your business.

Do you see why investing in premium .com domains is so important when you invest in websites?

Add Lots (and Lots) of Content

If you don’t have a lot of content on your website, people won’t have any reason to visit it. And that won’t allow you to earn any money. But did you know that adding content to a website can cost thousands of dollars? Unless you’re a writer, you will have to pay one to create relevant content to post on your site a few times a week.

That’s the only way Google will notice your website.

And the content can’t just be keyword stuffed articles like people did in times past. Today’s search engine algorithms are savvy and understand when a piece of content adds value to the site—and when it doesn’t. And unless your content does, your search engine rankings will suffer.

Set Things Up to Get Paid

When investing in websites, you’ll obviously need a way to get paid. And most people monetize their websites by setting up affiliate partnerships. These affiliates work in two ways.

First, you can offer links to various products or services on your website and every time someone clicks on a link and buys, you will be paid a commission.

Or, you can allow affiliate advertising on your site. You get paid every time someone visiting your site clicks on one of the ads. And the more visitors you have, the more times they will click, and the more money you will make.

There is an Easier Way

If all this sounds like a lot of work, relax. While it takes a lot to set up a website and begin making money, the process can be easily automated. Providers like USA Web Investments can do all the work for you.

When you invest in websites through their site, you will buy a website that is already on Google’s radar, has content, and aged affiliate partnerships. It’s as easy as going to and selecting which premium .com domain name you want to buy!