How to Make a Killing Investing in Websites

It wasn’t that long ago that people used offline activities to make a living. For example, real estate investing has long been thought of as the best way to earn passive income. But things have changed. Now, investing in websites is considered the new real estate market, and things are heating up fast.

Let’s take a look at this new, innovative trend that has a lot of investors saying that website investing is the new digital real estate.

How Do You Make Money with Website Investing?

Website investing is the act of buying a website and then using e-commerce methods to turn it into a passive income earning machine. Once a website has sufficient visitors, website investors make money by offering affiliate products and affiliate advertising.

And the website investor doesn’t have to lift a finger to bring in this money—month after month.

How Do You Invest in Websites?

You have two choices when it comes to website investing. You can purchase a .com domain name and build the website yourself. This entails setting it up on a hosting service, adding lots and lots of content to the site so people will visit it, getting it noticed by Google and the other search engines, and setting up partnerships with affiliates.

That’s a lot of work. It doesn’t exactly seem like passive income does it?

Which brings us to your next option.

You can use a company like USA Web Investments. This company sells investment-grade websites that all have the following in common:

  • The website URLs are all premium .com domain names
  • Relevant content already exists on the website—and you have the option of continuing that pattern
  • Google has already indexed the website and knows it exists
  • Affiliate programs are already set up and functioning on the site

Investing in Websites: Will You DIY or Create a True Passive Income Stream?

Investing in websites is the smartest way to build passive income and a portfolio that will continually add net worth to your bottom line. If you are interested in investing in websites, be sure to check out There, you’ll find an extensive selection of investment-grade websites that can help you enter this lucrative market.